One industry that I’ve been following for a solid half of my life is the video game industry. When you keep up with a field for that long, you can’t help but to develop a sense of the effectiveness of current products and the anticipation of future ones. From role-playing games to first person shooters, certain genres sometimes get the privilege of becoming a trend. However, video game waves are as rarely definitive as seasonal fashion trends.

Summer 2015 is all about going retro. Amy Verner of wrote that the ‘70s revival will last through summer and into fall. And giant brands like Gucci and individual designers such as Anna Sui, among many others, have presented summer, fall and pre-fall collections in spirit of the ‘70s.

Colors and patterns have gotten simpler. Tops remain fitted while bottoms gives more freedom of movement. Skin-tight shirts, sneakers, mini skirts and hot pants are all products of one of the most iconic decades for fashion.

The featured Fashionista rocks the ‘70s spirit to the core. She runs two distinct colors of red and blue. Her accessories include an elegant combination of a headband in accordance with the color scheme, minimalist earrings and a reversible bag to conceal the leopard pattern on the inside of the tote. This Fashionista keeps the pattern solely on the skirt by doing so. And what better shoes to emphasize the retro look than with a pair of Converse?

Pairing a paisley skirt with simple colors, while keeping the top tight and the bottom loose would be the definition of the ‘70s style. But do you know what really gets me? It is the modern take that this Fashionista sports.

The most prominent characteristic of the ‘70s style, in my opinion, is a patterned piece. It is the focal point of an outfit. However, this Fashionista has on two pieces that can be construed as the main item of importance.

The first of these is the patterned skirt. She reinforced the boldness of this look by instinctively turning her purse inside out to avoid clashing patterns. Her blue top also deserves attention, however. Red may be seen in both her headband and shoes, but the first thing that the eye goes to is the big block of blue on her top. It is physically the largest item this Fashionista has on, and the darkness of the hue suggests influence from further back in the timeline, like the ‘50s.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “We keep going back to retro or classic for a reason. Interesting, simple single-point items should suffice for this summer!”