Texturing is so important when it comes to fashion, winter especially. When you are wearing a lot of clothes, specifically layers, texturing is key. It helps to differentiate the different pieces of the look, and it also helps to create your own sense of style.

This Fashionista kept it simple for the most part—black Vans, skinny black pants (like these from Ann Taylor) and a black V-neck shirt. The gray jacket with green accents complements the gorgeous blue and gold scarf that she wears. Texturing is difficult if you try to wear too many different patterns or colors. Stick with a base color as the undertones of the entire look, and start texturing with a few pieces at the top.

Since it wasn’t completely freezing outside, this Fashionista only needed to use her scarf and her jacket as her texture pieces. The scarf is the main focus piece of the outfit and since she kept her other pieces simple, it makes for an easy outfit to wear to class. If you were dressing for an inclement weather situation, mixing textures like a bright flannel and a solid sweater would be an easy way to texture a simple outfit.

Texturing is an easy way to spice up an outfit, and it is not confined to a specific style. Anyone can use textures, and most of the time people do without even realizing it. Next time you’re picking out an outfit, take a step back and try something new. Wear two new pieces of clothing together that you’ve never worn before; it might become your new favorite outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to mix textures.”