I’d like to start this blog post off with a little piece of life advice that you’ve probably heard a million times: “Take advantage of every opportunity.” Why is this relevant? Because while riding the train, I was delayed for almost an hour and everyone needed to get off. I figured why stand around and wait, when I could find some RAD people to take photos of? As I’m sure you can guess, because of the delay I was able to have a photoshoot with this awesome Fashionista!

She has the San Francisco style down to a science: a cute sweater to keep you warm if it’s cool in the city, a loose blouse for if it’s not cool in the city (because even if you check the weather, no one really ever knows), paired with skinny jeans and booties with a slight heel to dress it up. My favorite parts of this Fashionist’a outfit is the contrast between all of the textures and keeping the top monochromatic. The fuzzy sweater and the silk top work so well together because they’re practically the same color, but the completely different textures give them edge. She finished off the top of her outfit with layered necklaces, a look that is hopefully here to stay because it’s fun and allows you to wear more than one piece of jewelry (woohoo!). I’m also a huge fan of the ripped jeans. Typically when you think of a silk blouse, you think of dressing up, but I love that more and more the opposite is starting to happen. People are going against the fashion norms, and everything is looking better than ever. Completed with suede booties, this Fashionista is certainly up to date with all of the latest fashion trends, topped with her personal style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable in what you wear. If you feel good in it, you’ll always look good!”