Let’s face it, syllabus week has come and gone and our planners are filled with homework and exam dates. It’s time to get down to business on campus, however, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with our style and devote time to scroll through pages on pages of the “Just In” tab on our favorite websites.

One item that continues to flash across my screen time and time again is the dreamy, oversized, ripped sweater that shows off just the right amount of newly tanned skin. We are all off to a fresh start of the semester, so why not try something new and edgy? I am all about pushing the limits with my closet, so I keep my eyes open for unique pieces that will inspire me, like rad, ripped sweater.

Check out how this Fashionista shows off her oversized sweater, perfectly distressed for that well-traveled look of your favorite pullover. The way she rolled the sleeves is a brilliant touch, considering the warmth of the San Diego sun. Since the sweater has a roomier fit, this Fashionista played with proportions and had the right idea to pair it with her ultra skinny denim jeans in a faded wash. The rips on the sweater are the key accents, so I simply adore how this Fashionista kept her jewelry understated. She also sported her creamy heeled booties with buckles, continuing to add a little extra oomph to her outfit.

It’s important to read into what environment you’re dressing for. I personally believe that you can never be too dressed up (chunky statement necklaces, come at me). But when the situation calls for it, like going to a bonfire on the beach or brunch with your girlfriends, don’t be afraid to go for the effortless cool factor.

This Fashionista nailed the distressed sweater look, which was perfect for a day on campus, but if you want to create more of a casual vibe, let the super long sleeves hang past your finger tips. You can even throw on a pair of white denim shorts and strappy sandals to keep it laid back. Fashion should always be innovative, and returning back to campus constantly reminds us not to get stuck in a rut. So now is the time to invest in a soon-to-be favorite distressed sweater.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stick to things that you feel your best in and work for your personal style. Confidence is the key to trying something new, like the edgy rips in my oversized sweater!”