Beach days, festivals and other spring break adventures all call for a finely tuned pair of shorts. But what about less casual spring occasions? You can let your legs breathe all spring and wear tap shorts for those less casual endeavors!

Though this trend mimics track shorts in their construction, tap shorts began as a ladies lingerie item. Because these shorts are basically outerwear made from underwear, flowy and light shorts are perfect for hot and steamy weather and allow Fashionistas the freedom of still looking cool. Whether you’re going for a more solid tweed look or a floral to pair with a pretty basic cropped tank top, tap shorts are a fun and breezy addition to any chic but comfy warm weather outfit.

This Fashionista demonstrates why tap shorts are such a success. She pairs a cropped flowy peasant shirt with her bright floral tap shorts and a pair of slip-ons for a look that can go from dinner with the family to a beachside resort. This Fashionista takes a step into the wild side by mixing the florals in her Vera Bradley wristlet and her shorts for a creative and bright palette. While that statement making pallette shines bright, it is brought back to earth by the neutrals in her slip-ons and shirt, striking the perfect balance between busy and simple.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it simple, Sally! If you wear uncomfortable clothes, you’re going to look uncomfortable, especially in this heat!”