STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Talking T-shirt Dresses

The sorority houses called and they want their oversized T-shirt look back. I think the fashion world agrees. Stylists, designers and anyone who appreciates clothes may be growing tired of college-aged students religiously wearing large T-shirts and Nike running shorts. While I’m a big proponent and lover of the comfort and practicality of this ensemble, I think we have an alternative now: T-shirt dresses!

T-shirt dresses trump oversized T-shirts. Instead of looking like we aren’t wearing pants, we actually don’t have to! There is so much room and freedom that comes with t-shirt dresses, literally and fashionably. T-shirt dresses can be worn casually or you can dress them up with accessories and a good pair of shoes. There are so many styles with T-shirt dresses too. Some have short sleeves, some are more of a tank top style and they usually come in solids or stripes. Options, options, options—every Fashionista’s dream!

This Fashionista has great balance with her T-shirt dress ensemble. It’s a casual look, but her accessories help spice it up a little. The simple black sandals make it a look that can be worn for different events in one day. She could have thrown this outfit on to go to brunch and then she could be running errands after. Once again, there is so much versatility and so many options.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “T-shirt dresses just make so much sense. Comfort and style are important and being able to have both in one piece of clothing is what every girl asks for.”