In a world where everything seems to be getting shorter, shorter and shorter, its nice to see something a little more traditional. It’s not everyday you see a Fashionista looking totally RAD in a tea-length skirt.

There are so many awesome benefits to tea-length dresses and skirts. You do not have to worry about showing too much skin because the material comes just past your knees. This also allows you to use less sunscreen if you’re going out for the day because you have less exposed skin. We won’t talk about those tan lines.

The tea-length structure is also very flattering on many different body types. This Fashionista wore one that sat right above her waist so her hips were exaggerated. This tends to flatter woman of all sizes and shapes. Score!

Paired with her tea-length skirt, this Fashionista wore a plain black T-shirt with a wide-scoop neck and capped leaves. This was particularly flattering for her because it showed off her collar bone. For shoes she had on a pair of black Venetian flats. This arrangement of black shoes and a black shirt really made the pattern on the skirt stand out and grab my attention.

I absolutely adored this Fashionista’s outfit and applaud her modest style. I also think her use of plain black pieces with a fun patterned skirt was an awesome choice.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Skirts are so fun because they can make you feel girly. Putting on a skirt that is long enough tells the world that I am woman, but I respect my body enough to cover it.”