STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Taking Maxi to the Max

During the hot summer months, staying cool while still looking cool is a must.

Maxi dresses are a huge trend right now and there’s so many reasons why. First, they’re light and breezy which make them perfect for the beach or a picnic. Second, they’re ideal for the days you don’t want to pick out an entire outfit. All you have to do is slide on one article and you’re done. Last but not least, they range from boho-inspired to solid bright colors. This means there is definitely a maxi dress to fit any style and any body type!

I know I have heard this a million times… So, you’re worried you can’t wear a maxi dress because you’re on the shorter side? NOT! This Fashionista shows off her boho-inspired dress by adding a pair of chunky heels. This creates the illusion that she is taller and makes the dress seem even longer. When paired with a fringe bag, it pulls together this laid back look. Also, the long strap on her bag creates even more length and adds the illusion of height. By adding a dainty necklace, the focus remains on her patterned dress. Minimal accessories are needed with such a statement dress!

For any summer event, maxi dresses are a go to. Stay comfortable and cool while making your statement and showing off your unique style.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Long dresses and skirts are a must in my wardrobe for both comfort and convenience. They’re great for family picnics or even a girls night out! Totally a must for every Fashionista’s wardrobe.”