STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Take Two On The Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have come in and out of fashion for many years. Recently, the easy and functional jumpsuit has been seen in new ways, such as in chambray. Although similar to overalls, jumpsuits provide a cleaner look; I wouldn’t encourage someone to show up to cocktail hour in overalls but a chic jumpsuit would definitely fit the occasion. This Fashionista came up with a second take on this classic piece, by adding a gothic element to a chambray jumpsuit.

Women love jumpsuits because you don’t have to worry about whether your top goes with your ripped jeans or whether it looks better tucked in or left out. However, this Fashionista didn’t simply throw it on without paying attention to detail. She cuffed both the sleeves and the bottom of the pants, which was once a fashion faux pas, to add structure to the outfit and to accentuate her booties.

The black booties add to the organization of the look because of the vertical seams and block heels. The heel adds length and sophistication to the outfit, where a flat shoe would give the Fashionista a more casual appearance and would hide her height and figure in the loose fit of the jumpsuit. Black leather is always a great pairing with chambray or denim and it brings out the black buttons on the jumpsuit.

She continues with black accessories with a black choker and black lipstick. Chokers are known to be a staple of the early 2000s, but have recently been making a comeback. This Fashionista is also on top of the latest fashion trends with the black lipstick, which can be seen many bloggers and celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, when scrolling through social media. The dark colors are broken up with some simple gold and silver necklaces which complement the highlights in her hair. The jewelry is subtle and allows for the jumpsuit to control the look.

The greatest part of the look is the jumpsuit. The cool blue chambray provides much versatility to any Fashionista. The jumpsuit can be styled to fit anyone’s personality; although this Fashionista went with a more gothic-chic look, she could have easily gone in the opposite direction with a preppy style. The long sleeves also allow for it to be worn in multiple seasons and is especially great in winter weather when paired with a fun neutral colored coat, like this Fashionista does. Despite its many forms of versatility, it does not fade to any background and commands attention, especially thanks to its great fit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to have fun with my clothes, so I try to invest in a few distinct statement pieces each season that I know I’ll feel good in and be excited to wear. Funky coats, bold sunglasses, chunky shoes and chambray jumpsuits are always my go-to’s when I’m looking to add some spunk to my wardrobe.”