Calling all Hamptonites! I spotted this Fashionista and knew it was the perfect opportunity to bid ado to Revenge. Sadly, after three seasons, it’s time for me to say sayonara to my favorite show. But, if I have learned one thing from slumming it on my couch every Thursday night, it’s this: the best revenge comes in the form of a great outfit. And although this Fashionista is definitely not vicious like the late Victoria Grayson, she sure knows how to channel Emily Thorne when going for a gorgeous getup.

With the weather heating up, it’s time our clothes do the same. But, keep in mind it is always better to be classy rather than trashy. This Fashionista executed this concept expertly. How? Well, instead of wearing a dress that’s too short at the hem, she reversed it, all the while pulling off one of this seasons biggest trends: the plunging neckline. This low cut fad is huge this season, and I must say that I love it!

The décolletage can be a tad tricky to pull off, but follow these simple steps and I guarantee you will be the talk of the town—in a good way of course. Like this Fashionista, pair your dress with a floppy, beach hat. Not only does this make a dress much more casual (hello, versatility!), but it also provides the perfect contrast to the deep neckline. By making more of a statement up top, the scandalous cut is balanced out. This tones down the look without detracting from the outfit’s spunk. Take another cue from this Fashionista and opt for simple accessories. The Fashionista’s bracelet, plain Jane flip flops and Prada glasses complete the look without taking it over the top.

Grab your beach bag, take off your shoes and rub your toes in the sand! You’ve got a great outfit so you might as well show it off at the shore. Who’s coming with me? I’ll drive.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I say have fun! Play around with different shoes and accessories because a dress like this can take you anywhere!”