STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: T-shirt Dresses for the Win

As someone who likes to wear dresses all the time, I am obsessed with the T-shirt dress trend. Some summer dresses can be restricting, too low cut or just not comfortable; but, that’s why I love this trend so much. These easy, breezy dresses can be worn on any given day and are almost effortlessly dressed up or down. I think this trend is similar to the yoga pant craze in that girls love them because they’re stretchy and comfortable. Stretch, comfort and they look great? Is there anything better?

I’m really loving this Fashionista’s T-shirt dress because of the bright blue color. It screams summer and is perfect for daytime. One thing I appreciate about this type of dress is that it doesn’t restrict your movement. These dresses are usually made from a stretchy jersey material, so they’re super easy to move around in. I love that this neckline isn’t too low (you don’t have to worry about the girls popping out), but it isn’t too high that it looks stuffy.

Another thing that’s great about T-shirt dresses is that they’re great for adding whichever accessories you want since they’re pretty much a blank canvas. This Fashionista kept it simple with a rose gold watch and bracelet, and some super cute, black gladiator sandals. This look would be perfect for a day date in the city or maybe just running some errands.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love adding different accessories to help my outfit go from day to night.”