October 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello everyone, it’s October and fall is finally here! Since the weather is changing, it’s time to go shopping for some new clothes. I’m going to talk to you guys about thrifting. Thrifting can be a fun treasure hunt and can be applied to all seasons so listen up, I’m about to give you the 411.

Featured in this post is a hip Fashionista who has mastered the art of thrifting. Her outfit is thrifted from head to toe. This Fashionista is wearing light wash mom jeans with a pale yellow sweater, paired with a denim baseball cap and flatform white sneakers. The hat, sweater and mom jeans are all thrifted, but the sneakers are from H&M. Sometimes, it’s hard to find good shoes at a thrift store so I can’t blame her. You might be thinking how did she find all these great items from a thrift store? I can never find cute clothes. Well I’m about to give you the lowdown on the thrifting ins and outs.

This Fashionista’s first word of advice is that you never know if it’s fab until you try it on, so why not. She is so right because so many articles of clothing from thrift stores look awkward on the hanger but fabulous on. The yellow sweater this Fashionista is wearing could have looked like a blanket on the hanger, but instead it looks chic. She even said it was so comfy it might be a blanket. If she would not have tried it on, she would have never known it was so comfortable.

Besides from trying clothes on you also need to dig deep. There are many treasures in a thrift store and you will never find it unless you look. Go out of your comfort zone and pick an article of clothing you never thought you would wear. Try to find new textures and patterns you never thought you would wear. You can find some one-of-a-kind pieces at a thrift store.

One last tip from this Fashionista is get some pieces that are velvet. Although she is not wearing any velvet, she highly recommends looking for some. She once found a velvet bodysuit at a thrift store and said it was one of her favorite purchases.

Always try pieces on because you never know what it is going to look like. Also, go for pieces you might have never thought about getting. Prices at thrift stores are very reasonable and they often have sale days (keep an eye out for those), so what do you have to lose? Also, do not forget about those velvet pieces orr some other interesting materials. Go out and have fun thrifting my fellow Fashionistas!