We all know the saying, “keep it sweet and simple.” This is a great motto to go by when quickly deciding what to wear for the day. Minimalistic outfits are a great on the go choice because of their simplistic nature and scenario versatility. These kinds of looks are comfy, casual and easy to put together. Sticking to the basics with colors and clothing structure is a helpful tip for putting an outfit together in a rush (especially for those days when you sleep in a little too late). From ultra-comfy yoga pants to slouchy solid sweaters, it’s pretty hard to go wrong if you’re trying to get dressed in a pinch!

Sweet and simple is definitely the name of the game for this Fashionista. She wore a basic white cardigan over a gray tank top which was followed by a snug pair of black leggings. She then paired this with a classic pair of brown ankle boots. To match the gold accent on her boots, she rocked a gold, wide-faced Michael Kors watch and a gold accented navy blue cross-body bag.

While I do avidly support style experimentation, there is absolutely no harm done when going with a tried and true look, especially for days when you just cannot allocate the time to put together a more alternative outfit. For a chic and effortless look, just remember to keep it sweet and simple.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For school, I always look for casual and comfort. I tend to gravitate towards jeggings and a simple sweater. On colder days, I dress up my outfit with a coat. My go-to shoes for class would be my ankle boots because they’re so comfy to walk in!”