Sweater weather has gone into full effect. For the majority of us Michigan guys and gals, the weather fortunately stayed at cooler temperatures without snow. In Michigan this time last year, and the year before, we had inches of snow. Students were bundled to their ears, though this year Mother Nature had something else planned.

Are you dying to wear that sweater grandma gave you for Christmas? Pull it out and dress it up. As seen in the photos I have Fashionista Chania Williams showing off her sweater weather style. She is wearing a long black and white buttoned up sweater dressed up with a cute beanie, scarf, boots and a bracelet. This Fashionista’s sweater can be found at Forever 21, along with many others you may like.

Sweaters come in many different colors, textures and patterns to fit your RAD style. I think of sweaters as being a universal trend, they keep you warm while still looking great. You can dress them up and dress them down. What does your sweater say about you? I prefer the over-sized sweaters that aren’t too fitting with popping colors. Sweaters are not just a part of your outfit of the day; think of them as accessories. If you are wearing a solid color, throw on a patterned sweater and see how it looks.

What is your STYLE ADVICE FOR THE WEEK? “Choose a sweater that you will feel comfortable in, yet shows off your style and never pay too much. You can find cute sweaters anywhere, I hear that thrift stores are a good place to start.”