There are two things I love most about winter: spending Christmas with my loved ones and wearing oversized sweaters. There is nothing better than digging deep into your closet to pull out your stash of winter sweaters after a long sweltering summer. Sweaters are comfortable and are guaranteed to keep the chill off you, but more importantly sweaters are a crucial winter staple every Fashionista/o needs to have.

But what makes these delightfully comfy pieces so popular?

From grunge to feminine to boho and beyond, sweaters can fit into anyone’s personal style and be worn for any occasion. I believe it’s this versatility in style, not to mention ease, that makes this trend so popular. Sweaters can be worn with skirts for a fun, flirty look, leggings or jeans for a comfy, casual look or knee-high socks (if the sweater is long enough) for an edgier, sexy look. Though the styling options seem to be endless for this trend, the most popular way to style sweaters in the fall/winter is to pair them with skinny jeans and knee-high riding boots, both popular trends as well.

Take notes from this Fashionista. She is looking comfy and casual in her striped knit sweater. Though her sweater is not form-fitting, the slightly oversized style drapes around her body, adding a gentle feminine touch. The teal and burgundy stripes add plenty of color which is great for overcoming winter time blues. To maintain this comfy, effortless look, she adds a pair of simple cuffed jeans and white sneakers.

Whether you dress it up or down, the sweater is a fashionably comfy trend guaranteed to fit your personal style!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “Comfy clothes are great, but it’s always nice to shake things up. Replacing hoodies and flats with a leather jacket and wedge booties is a great way to switch it up.”