As budding professional women, we are fortunate to not be restricted to a suit and tie uniform at the workplace. Instead of collared shirts and khakis, we can still impress with stylish sweater sets. Studies (conducted entirely by me) show that patterned wrap dresses and tassel loafers are fabulous professional alternatives to the mundane. However, the scores of options can be a curse dressed in fabulous disguise. At times, women use this creative license to stretch the boundaries of what is office appropriate. This is hardly the kind of mistake you want to make after landing your dream internship. Superficial as it may seem, looking the part is arguably as important as playing the part in the workplace.

With that said, eschewing fleeting trends for classic work attire every so often can be refreshing. A well-fitted blazer is just the right piece to upgrade an otherwise snooze worthy look. When looking for a blazer to pair with your office ensemble, choose one in a neutral color. It’s also important to make sure the shoulders are lightly padded. This Fashionista went with a navy blazer with gold button detailing. The blazer opens up to reveal a simple white blouse, to which all minimalism fans will rejoice! To give her outfit a sense of cohesion, she paired the blazer with a cropped pair of pants in the same hue. Sleek, chic and slim fitting—what more could a Fashionista ask out of a pair of pants?

This Fashionista lent the ensemble her personal flair with her favorite KORS Michael Kors watch and bag. Finally, her trusty pair of black pumps and sleek tresses rounded out her look. For a look so polished, this Fashionista looks just about ready for the corner office.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress for the job you want rather than the job you have. Also, no matter what you wear, always carry yourself with confidence!”