STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Supersize My Sweater

This spunky Fashionista almost galloped away in her wild horse print dress as I came across her on the streets of Southside, Birmingham heading to meet a friend for lunch. She was super excited and having fun with our photo shoot as soon as I explained who I was. She quickly got into some poses displaying her Fashionista confidence—she’s a perfect catch.

This Fashionista rocked this breezy, chiffon dress with a multicolor stallion print that she quickly gave Target the credit for. The sailor, Peter Pan-style neckline gives it a feminine touch, yet all the dark navy blue accents tone it down and make it a little more of a versatile design. Breezy dresses like hers are perfect summer pieces. They’re light and airy, and the printed ones always give that dash of spunk and flare. They’re easy to find and look great on everybody.

The hot item in this ensemble is the trending, oversized sweater. Even though it was nearly 85 degrees out, this Fashionista donned this slouchy cardigan to make her outfit that much more cute and comfortable. These baggy sweaters that seem to engulf our bodies are all the rage, so why not mix comfort with cute? Even in hot temperatures, these sweaters typically are a loose enough knit that they provide some air flow. So you can beat the heat and still look awesome.

The trick with sweaters like these is you can end up paying for a 60 dollar sweater at Urban Outfitters when you can find basically the same one at your local thrift store. So keep an eye out for these things, Fashionistas/os; you might as well put that 60 dollars towards some sweet Steve Madden kicks that you won’t find at your local thrift mart.

I also loved that this Fashionista put some thought into her accessories. Her Fossil watch was on point along with that casual side bag. These are items you can find in a lot of places, as well. Recently in the past couple years, watches have become a hot accessory worn by everybody bringing back the sense of nostalgia and keeping things retro-foward with the new look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I always like to layer. You can always mix and match outfits the more you layer.”