Summer is notorious for it shortest shorts, crops tops, tank tops and basically anything that shows at least 75 percent of your skin. Yet, there is one clothing item that defies all of these summer attire rules: the sundress. Covering almost all of your extremities, the sundress provides anyone who dares to break from the summer dress code of “wear as little as possible.”

A sundress provides every woman the added benefits of a sexy silhouette, while still leaving just enough to the imagination. This Fashionista grabbed sundress season by the horns! Styling in a green chevron patterned sundress, she added small little details that brought the outfit together.

The length of the sundress is very important. There are three main styles: mini, maxi and midi. This Fashionista went with a maxi design. The great thing is about maxi dresses is that no matter how hot it may be outside, someone will always feel the freedom that a maxi dress gives you below. It has its own ventilation system if you ask me.

Three-quarter sleeve designs are usually a no-no to me in the summer, but with the chiffon fabric and lightness of the dress, you can get away with a little bit more arm coverage without sacrificing your arms overheating. This Fashionista was sweating nobody.

Because of the busy pattern, she felt she needed to keep her accessories simple. Pairing the outfit with a forrest green clutch gave a sort of contrast with the dress. Though the pattern on the clutch appears to be busy as well, it just gives people something else to look at. Along with the sandpaper colored beaded necklace and the silver jeweled sandals, this Fashionista was ready for any events that day or even ready to just hit the mall.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t let the summer heat stop you from being fashionable! I think that as long as you wear breathable fabrics, you can wear whatever you want to wear without being half naked.”