Fringe is a reoccurring trend every year that basically never goes out of style. However, it is a trend that mostly occurs only during fall. There’s just something about fringe that makes you think of color-changing leaves and pumpkin spice lattes, right? Well not anymore, because this time we’re going to talk about how to wear fringe during the summer instead.

Celebrities left and right have been wearing fringe lately. For example, the dreamy Harry Styles has been spotted wearing Yves Saint Laurent fringe ankle boots. It’s time that the rest of us catch on. This gorgeous Fashionista here is wearing a brown, faux suede jacket with fringe on the sleeves. She paired the jacket with a crop top and high-waisted shorts for a rad summer look. Her booties are the cherry on top to complete her outfit. Isn’t this outfit perfect for a night out in the city with your closest friends?

Whether it’s on your shoes or your jacket, wearing fringe this summer will totally boost your style and you’ll be a star on Instagram! Dig up any of your old fringe clothing items or head over to the mall to start your summer right. The best part about starting the fringe trend early is that you’ll still be able to wear all of your fringe clothing items in the fall!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The best advice I can give someone is to not be afraid to be bold when wearing fringe. Fringe will make your outfit stand out in the best possible way.”