Summer is the perfect time for spontaneity and adventure: random road trips, picnics, exploration of a new city or just enjoying froyo with friends. Everyone should take advantage of the warm weather and free time, even though summer classes and a job can make this a rare occasion. With limited time and lots to do, your outfit needs to keep up with you, which is why “keeping it casual” might be the perfect motto for your summer style.

This Fashionista attains her casual look with a perfect summer dress and sandals that are cute but can handle some walking. A simple cotton dress is transformable and works for a lot of different occasions. It can be dressed up with heels and a jacket, or be successfully paired with fun accessories. She keeps her look casual, but adds to it with a headband and jewelry.

In addition to a comfortable outfit, another way she prepares for adventure is with a big purse. Oversized purses are practical and are a current fashion trend. I am presently on the hunt for the perfect oversized purse to hold all the “necessities”—a good book, water bottle, lotion, cardigan, phone, phone charger, sunglasses, camera, snack…the list goes on. Often making up plans as I go, I need to be prepared for wherever the unpredicatable summer days may take me. A big purse would equip me for any escapades I decide to take and any problems I encounter.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Invest in some staple summer dresses that are comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down.”