I live in San Francisco and the weather here is usually pretty cool and windy. Dark colors such as burgundy, black and brown dominated the streets in the city. People usually cover themselves with a dark coat to keep warm from the harsh wind. However, unlike the past years, the city has gradually turned warm this summer. In fact, it is very warn this year which helps new summer fashion creativity to flourish in San Francisco. Streetwear in bright colors has popped up from the usual mundane crowd. I met this Fashionista on my way to class and I was totally blown away by her interesting and hippie-style outfit.

The Fashionista is wearing a loose-fitting knit top with matching knit culottes. The culottes are definitely one of the items on-trend this season which makes the outfit trendy. The handmade knitwear is very loosely knitted and hangs loosely on the wearer that creates a casual draping effect. The entire outfit is partially see-through which adds sexiness to the whole outfit. Little patches of bright pink, green, yellow and blue are sewn to cover some of the holes, creating an interesting geometric and floral pattern. The dominant neon yellow not only flatters the Fashionista’s skin tone by bring out her natural beautiful olive skin.

The Fashionista then added a blue feather necklace that goes perfectly with the outfit, further emphasizing on the hippie style of the knitwear by giving the Fashionista a free-spirited characteristic. The Fashionista then finished the look with a pair of nude wedge sandals that complements the bright color of the outfit. Finally, the Fashionista successfully created a whole look that is stylishly hippie and fun!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My advice is to put on fun, bright colored outfits and put on a comfortable loose-fitting garment to enjoy summer hippie style!”