With the holiday season coming to a close, I’ve noticed that my closet is full of glittery tops, a sequin dress or two and fun mini skirts. I’ve found these items to be essential over the last month of holiday parties. But now that New Year’s Eve is said and done, what use do these glitzy statement pieces have? Do we just let them escape our minds until next December rolls around? I admit, it’s hard to turn a sequin New Year’s dress into a casual piece, but that doesn’t mean your other festive essentials are doomed to the same fate.

The skater skirt has been a trend popping up for quite a while as an easier, more comfortable option to the bodycon skirt. Shimmery skater skirts, like this faux leather one, have been frequenting my holiday rotation quite often. The elastic waistband can be especially forgiving when Christmas ham and mashed potatoes present themselves, but the shiny fabric makes this skirt anything but casual.

However, now that holiday parties are no longer, what is this skirt to come to? To keep the skirt on the casual side, this Fashionista pairs her shimmery skater skirt perfectly with a cozy, light-colored sweater. The skirt, paired nicely with a statement necklace, spruces up what could be a lounging sweater, making this outfit perfect for weekend wear. The polka-dotted tights and booties add to the weekend glam, making this outfit a comfy alternative to going out attire.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean your holiday wardrobe has to be. Mix and match your glam pieces with some more casual ones for a more everyday take on holiday trends.”