STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Suede Is In, Warm Weather Is Out

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Suede Is In, Warm Weather Is Out

As the cold front moves in across college campuses, the sweatpants are broken out and the effort to look chic is at an all time low for many students. When the high of the day is 19 degrees, it’s understandable that many Fashionistas have ditched wearing dresses and skirts for leggings and pants for the season, but what if we traded in the thin and flimsy fabrics for something a little more wind proof? That’s where suede comes in.

For the past year or so, suede has been a huge trend in the fashion world, from boots to bags and clothing. While it’s been a staple in the boho girl’s 2015 wardrobe, it looks like it’s here to stay as we move further into 2016.

This Fashionista has stepped outside of the bohemian box and taken her suede pieces in a more classic direction, making the trend more versatile to those who prefer simple and chic silhouettes. Though suede is often paired with fringe, it is refreshing to see elements of the material in a look that doesn’t remind me of an old Western flick. While there is nothing wrong with cowboys or cowgirls, I love to see how the soft texture of suede instantly warms up an outfit without the fringe distracting the eye.

From top to bottom, this Fashionista has done a perfect job at pairing her suede skirt and boots with a simple Brandy Melville T-shirt and a chic tweed coat. The entire look is simple, effortless and is enhanced beautifully by the cool tones and textures of the skirt and boots while keeping her warm enough to surrender the sweats to the dresser.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Suede is kinda edgy but also classy, and I really like it for winter and fall.”