STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: "Suede" In The Right Direction

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: "Suede" In The Right Direction

It seems to be less and less surprising every time a trend from the past makes a bold reappearance on the runway today. After all, history does repeat itself, right? ’90s grunge and ’70s “flower child” aesthetics are some blasts from the past being seen frequently in outfits on blogs and Instagram. An especially popular trend seen everywhere in the ‘70s  was one particular fabric: Suede. Suede was found used for everything from coats to pants to more. And now in 2016 suede is seen again.

Our Fashionista was a lover of the ‘70s suede trend and chose to use a chestnut suede skirt as the focal point of her outfit. The style of skirt has been spotted on both celebrities and everyday Fashionistas; It’s pieces like this that prove to be beneficial in our wardrobes for those days that we all know are nearly impossible to dress for between the typical summer and typical fall weather. For being a somewhat bold piece (in regards to style), this suede skirt was actually relatively versatile, and our Fashionista opted to style it for warmer weather.

The pictured Fashionista paired with her statement suede skirt a simple black and cream striped crop top. This mix was a perfect combination for the warmer, sunnier days. And, since it is still summertime, the Fashionista also worse simple black sandals, a pair of aviator sunglasses and simple black, cross-body bag completes her look.

With this look, a cardigan could easily be added, were not as hot of a day. In addition to this, the crop top could easily be switched out for a cable knit sweater, and the sandals for tights and ankle boots for a cooler weather style. Or, with yet another example of, showing the versatility of the skirt, is how easy it a style it is to dress up: a light blue chambray shirt and pair of wedges could make take this outfit into the perfect look for an internship or interview. As it stands, the Fashionista’s look caters perfectly to the summertime and the ’70s.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try finding more unique pieces that can also be really versatile to keep in your wardrobe!”