STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stylish Lumberjack

January in New Hampshire means one thing and one thing only: it is absolutely freezing outside. If you don’t live here, it is difficult to comprehend just how low the temperature can dip beyond zero degrees Fahrenheit. If you do live here, please accept my condolences because you entirely understand what I am describing. However, there was one day this past week where it was not absolutely freezing—just partially freezing.

This Fashionista first caught my attention with her loud patterned umbrella (it’s hard to miss). Her outfit distinctly reminded me of a lumberjack—a stylish one, of course. The cable knit sweater and dark wash jeans pair nicely with the short boots. I love how the sweater has sparkly beading and zig-zag cables. These two elements give the outfit that hint of a femininity that this outfit so desperately needs.

The boots are the most unique part of the whole outfit. The sand color of the boots automatically makes them easy to match to any outfit. These work-style boots are not as bulky as the typical L.L.Bean pair, again, making the look more feminine. Boots of all kinds are a huge trend everywhere this season. Winter boots will always be in style in New England.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Whenever I am walking around campus I like to stay as warm as possible. Layers and cute weather accessories provide an easy and fashionable way for me to keep warm during this bitter winter.”