This Fashionista’s style is inspired by the rhythm and flowing feel of her African/Caribbean culture. One stand-out component of her outfit is the stone pendant necklace. This type of stone is a peridot, the Fashionista’s birthstone, also representing healing and harmony. The pendant is a depiction of queen Nefertiti. Queen Nefertiti, an Egyptian queen, is said to have been the most powerful of women to have rule. Nefertiti also means “a beautiful woman has come.” This beautiful earth toned pendant enhances the natural glow of this summer fashionistas melanin skin. This summer, Fashionisto/as are focusing on portraying each of their root’s unique symbolism and fashion styles.

This Fashionista’s skirt was made in the African country Ghana. The loose fitted Ghana Batik wrapped skirt keeps anyone cooled off for summer. Batik is an ancient handmade fabric art. For generations, ghana has been known for their unique designs and colored fabrics. Ghana mothers pass down the handmade techniques they have learned for generations down to their daughters. The colors are an example of Barbadian’s bold and colorful fashion style. The Fashionista exclusively purchased this skirt from the 11th annual Afrikan Heritage Celebration in Richmond. She prefers to knot shop at malls, which is one of the reasons why her style is so different. Also supporting her community whenever she can. Her shoes are from a store called VIMS in New York, where she and her mom are from. These shoes are light, perfect-fitting and a bold statement for any summer outfit. This Fashionista defines her waist line with an authentic, cowrie shell belt purchased from local Afrikan clothing store Urban Traders in Richmond.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Celebrate yourself, your curved, your culture and wear who they are out loud. I genuinely feel more connected to my roots when I know where my accessories and clothing came from, and what they represent because I learn so much.”