You know those moments when you see someone—whether it be a celebrity, fashion blogger, friend or stranger—walking down the street or in a picture on Tumblr, wearing an outfit that is so unique and definitive of their style to the point where you just can’t help but wonder how? How did they think of that outfit? How did they know it would work? How do I find my style?

This Fashionista is no ordinary peer. She’s one of my fellow Style Gurus that I could not pass up on meeting because I’m always so awestruck by how in tune with herself her wardrobe seems to be. Graphic T-shirt are meant to do the talking on days when the rest of an outfit is utterly basic, but head-to-toe, every piece she’s wearing is a statement and her graphic takes on the leading challenge of explaining the theme.

When it comes down to exhibiting your individual style, the theme isn’t just “casual” or “dressy,” or “feminine” or “professional,” the theme is you, through and through. Graphics are a great place to start because they usually catch one’s attention by having a certain phrase or image that strikes a chord with his or her personality.

Once you have your graphic as team captain, recruit the rest of the players. Although her velvet skirt is a different shade of red, it brings out the color on her graphic, while also maintaining a feminine vibe like the cartoon. Twinning with the cartoon on her shirt, she’s matched her sunglasses. When in doubt of what to pair with a graphic, try to find something similar: if your graphic happens to be a phrase versus a drawing, choose an accessory that correlates. There are plenty of graphics representing Los Angeles and New York City, but think about in which place you would wear a coat or shorts. It’s subtle details like that which keep fashion choices fluid.

The last member of the team is the secret weapon, the piece that tells everyone something about you. Hers are her ballet slippers—if you’re wondering, mine is currently a pair of sequined Minnie ears! Without it, this outfit isn’t you; it’s just an outfit. Take another look at our Fashionista and the character. She’s matched this character, but she made such distinct changes that show the contrast between the feminine, chic graphic and the urban vibes that make her who she is.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think a great way to develop personal style is through experimentation. The way I developed my style has been by trying out different styles that I was attracted to throughout the years and seeing what made me the happiest and most comfortable. Because of this, my style has evolved throughout the years and is ever changing.”