Studs and spikes appear as important elements on fashion scenes. They transform an outfit or any single item to a powerful and chic statement. Studs have inspired a bunch of designer brands. For example, Valentino is famous for its studs; its collection includes all the amazing items you can imagine, but studded. This Valentino Rockstud Hair Band basically embodies a confident and fearless figure who would wear the piece on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Today, let’s have a look at this Fashionista’s studded, rocking look that has a punk and metal vibe!

This Fashionista’s denim jacket, studded bracelet and her eye-catching boots absolutely bring her confidence out. Personally, I was also amazed by her fancy belt bag. The metal animal figure matches the studs on her shorts, bracelet and her boots. Carrying a fanny pack is great for when you attend a summer fest because it is light and chic. I remember that Carrie Bradshaw owned more than one fanny pack! However, if you personally like cross-body bags, Alexander Wang’s Rocco Stud-Bottom Satchel Bag is going to be your favorite. Next, this Fashionista’s boots definitely turned my eyes into a heart-eyed emoji upon seeing it. I found a bunch of similar boots from NASTY GAL. The studded boots that this Fashionista is wearing not only emphasize her long legs, but also draw more attention than other plain boots would. This studded leather wrap bracelet adds more fine details to her studded style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you like studs as I do, then wear all the studded clothes you have! You can also try to DIY your own studded items. Since I like music and motorcycling, wearing studs makes me feel alive and bold!”