This past week in Ohio, a cold front came through and we were experiencing maybe 60 degree weather the first couple days of June. Talk about a buzzkill, right? I mean, it’s the prime time for hot weather and we only make it up to 60 degrees? Definitely not ideal summer weather. Although, with this kind of weather change, you can bring out your fall clothing that’s been hiding in your closet for months and change things up a bit. Instead of the normal cute shorts and tank top look that’s most likely for summertime, you can wear some cute fall clothing for that breezy type of weather. Nothing wrong with a little change, right?

On this chilly summer day, I found this Fashionista wearing an outfit one would see in the early months of fall. You never know what the weather in Ohio is gonna do, so keeping your fall clothes in your closet with your summer clothes is the safest bet. One second it’s a perfect sunny, warm day and the next day it could be cold and rainy.

This Fashionista decided to keep her fall clothes in handy in case of these breezy summer days. She paired a cute striped sweater with some black capris that hit right at the ankle so that a nude pair of flats will work perfectly with it. This kind of outfit can look good in any season of the year as it’s cute, casual, yet simple. Even though it’s the beginning of summer, you can still wear these fall-like clothes and still make it work!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When wearing a striped sweater like this, you don’t need too much jewelry to try to complete the look. A simple bracelet or watch with it completes it enough. Too much jewelry can make the look too overdone, so keep the jewelry simple and classy.