Summer in Chicago is always a great time to go to the beach, check out the free museum days, a bike ride on Lake Shore Drive and, of course, the street festivals. In the city of Chicago itself, there are more than 400 different street festivals and parades. From Burgerfest to the Pride Parade, there is a festival fit for everyone during the summer. With so many people attending a festival every weekend, you want to be comfortable and stick out from the crowd in how you dress.

Anyone and everyone can pull off monochrome colors because black and white match so well. The look of the two colors together is timeless and unique if you correctly style them. This Fashionista perfectly blends the two colors and adds the right amount of red to contrast the look.

Not only does she wear the monochrome look effortlessly, but her long, red, plaid cardigan adds color to her outfit. This Fashionista also told me that her cardigan is not only a button-down, but can also be worn as a dress. Nothing is better than having a plaid cardigan and a dress in one; a two-for-one deal! If you’re an indecisive dresser and always on the go, wearing transitive outfits are a big hit and very helpful. This Fashionista also keeps her outfit super trendy with her adidas sneakers, which I’m personally obsessed with. The sneakers pair well with the outfit because of their monochrome look, matching with the rest of the outfit. Her simple, white T-shirt is the staple for this outfit; it keeps the whole look pieced together, and lets the red plaid in the cardigan stick out against the white T-shirt and black jeans. I also love how this Fashionista pairs her whole outfit off with a watch!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My outfit is great for either running errands all day to going to a street fest. Add shoes that give a sense of style, but also [add] comfort. You can never go wrong with plaid and black jeans.”