Let’s be honest with this cold front hitting all college towns across the country it is a daily battle to not just grab an ugly, oversized sweatshirt to throw on and head to class. But, the warmest way to stay chic this winter is three words, faux fur coats. This is an effortless way to look put together, while being comfortable walking to and from classes. StyleCaster has labeled this trend as Look-At-Me Furs.

The best part about fur coats is the outfit’s versatility. Fur coats can be worn with such a variety of looks. You can pair a fur coat with leather leggings, red heels and red lipstick for a Cruella de Vil feel or match this statement piece with a pink pencil skirt for a glamorous and chic look. To take this look one step further add a long necklace or bold sunglasses to make this look #RAD. This North Carolina State University Fashionista decided to go for a ’70s-chic vibe by wearing dark flared sailor jeansblack bell-sleeve topmustard statement heels and a mauve faux fur coat. This look turned out flawless and the Fashionista was still comfortably warm throughout her day.

My personal favorite part of this ’70s-chic street outfit is the hint of mustard yellow that peeps out from the bell bottom jeans. It adds pops of bright colors to the dark fall outfits and allow you to showcase life and personality in a simple statement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF WEEK? “Layering necklaces is an effortless way to pull together any outfit”