STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stepping Into Spring

Here in Florida, the walk to class has already turned into a heated game of students versus the sun. It’s apparent by the premature blistering temperature and ensembles of the students that spring has indeed sprung. For gentlemen out there, sometimes keeping your cool while still looking the part can be a tricky task. Opting out for shorts, a tank top, and a pair of “man-dels” is one way to go if you’re heading to the beach, but while making the trek across campus, a more refined look is always ideal.

This Fashionisto and his classic outfit are screaming springtime. For those fellas out there that are starting to feel the heat but don’t want to sacrifice style, the short sleeve button-down is right up your alley. The lightweight cotton shirt is ideal for pulling off a polished look while beating the heat. Playing with pastels is always in style and when a Fashionisto rocks a pink button-down and some baby blue eyes, everyone is bound to swoon. By slapping on a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters he has stepped back in time and has the look of a young Don Draper. While a dark khaki pant gives this look a tad more sophistication, this Fashionisto’s brown suede desert boots pull the ensemble from the 1950s back into this century.

What I’ve gathered this season is that keeping cool and looking even cooler can simply be achieved by any Fashionisto with just a couple refined pieces. The pastel short sleeve button-down is a must and can be paired with some khaki pants or shorts. While casual accessories like boots and some sunnies bring this cosmopolitan look onto a college campus.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Stay cool and dress cooler.”