I don’t know about you, but this week was the University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Spring Break! Finally, after a long week of three exams and never-ending projects it was finally time to relax. This Fashionisto took his style a whole seven hour drive to St. Augustine, Florida to catch some rays. Although we have a beach in Wilmington, the weather there was not nearly as nice as the 80-degree weather in the Florida sun.

When traveling to different getaways, it is important to pack the necessities you need in order to have a successful trip. For boys, it becomes more difficult because you don’t know the dress code of the places you will go or the different weather changes. However, this Fashionisto packed for the perfect sunny beach night out.

He started off wearing a beautiful green fisherman’s shirt that is extremely lightweight. It is perfect for a night of dinner and drinks when the sun is going down and the weather is still warm yet breezy. The color of the shirt adds a perfect summer feel to the outfit and makes you never want to come home. He then wore cache shorts from Ralph Lauren that show off his newly tanned legs. Cache shorts are a perfect addition to an outfit because they are easy yet look formal enough for a nice dinner. To complete this outfit, this Fashionisto wore brown Sperry Top-Siders to add to the tropical vacation look.

This outfit is the perfect way to impress your friends on a spring break vacation while staying casual. It is important to be comfortable because you are on vacation and want to enjoy your time in the sun.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When deciding what to pack for spring break vacation, always keep it casual. You will never be upset with a casual outfit that shows off your tan and feels comfy to wear.”