Hello, my fellow style stars! With the summer sun and its sometimes uncomfortable accompanying heat beaming down on us, I really hope everyone is finding ways to stay cool and breezy. You all know the saying, “Sun’s out, guns out.” However, wearing less clothing does not guarantee a fashionable success. Well, what are the options? Personally, I’ve been opting to wear a lot of whites, creams and nudes lately because they’re light and will retract the heat. As far as style, I cherish peasant tops such as this one or this, oversized T-shirts and thrifted button-downs. Call me a little preppy sometimes, but I think collared shirts and button-downs are adorable.

I stopped in my tracks when I saw the Theory blouse on this Fashionista. On a rather hot and sunny day in Atlanta, this fabulous city dweller wore a short sleeve shirt that is cream in color and preppy in style. However, this shirt is different because of the fabric and knitting. While it may be true that it’s a little heavier than your typical summer top, the blouse is just as breathable and comfortable.

That’s not just it, though. From there, she added a soft, blue mini skirt with a very funky pattern and a tulle finish. So, that’s 10 points for original pairing, but an added bajillion points for the ballerina element. As if her shirt wasn’t enough, the skirt adds a soft, ultra-feminine touch. To jazz it up a bit to stay posh and sophisticated, this Fashionista made sure to include a dark pair of oversized sunglasses.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style lately is all about looking like I’m on my way to brunch, even if I’m not. Don’t overthink it, don’t forget your shades.”