Now that the tundra has officially hit and the subzero temperatures are approaching, there is no denying we all have to put more effort into staying warm. Throw on those hats, scarves and mittens because this winter is about to take us for a wild ride!

So far as I can say, the one staple item that every student at Michigan must have is a big, fat and (unfortunately) unflattering parka. It may be ugly, but nobody can survive the crazy winter here in Michigan without it. However, the parka tends to cover up the outfit that may have taken a lot of effort to put together. What a waste! This results in a downward spiral of little to no effort every morning. Instead of looking trendy and cool, we find it easier to just wear sweatpants to class because “No one will see my outfit anyway,” right?

With that being said, this Fashionista refuses to let that happen or think that way. The winter will not be in charge and stop her from staying in style. Her vintage fur coat is what makes this outfit noteworthy. She managed to find a way to stay warm, all while looking fab. Anyone walking down the street will stop and take a second look at her. Her coat is different than what everyone else is wearing; yet, she is just as warm.

In addition to her amazing coat, this Fashionista has an amazing outfit on underneath. She is wearing a simple white long sleeve from Brandy Melville. Next, she is wearing jeans from Free People. These jeans keep her outfit up-to-date with the rips at the knees. Her boots are a great find from Urban Outfitters. In all honesty, aside from the coat, these are my favorite part of her outfit. They are so unique and different than any other boots I have seen. Lastly, her hat is what brings the entire outfit together. It is a simple touch, but brings her outfit to the next level of trendiness.

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Do not be afraid of trying new trends. Try to establish a distinct style that is true to you. My bohemian style allows me to incorporate comfy and unique clothing into my wardrobe for staying warm and cozy during the harsh winter months.”