STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stay In Line For A-lines

The hardest part about living in the northeast is the changing seasons. Keeping up with the fickle forecasts and strong winds leaves a fashion lover desperate to figure out what to wear! One week, it’s sunbathing weather and the next, it’s boot season. New York City has been no different this week, with a rainy start and a chilly middle.

I was enjoying the breeze in Chinatown when I spotted this lovely Fashionista and her fierce dedication to withstand the unpredictable weather. She was comfortable in what she wore, but she still turned a few heads while out and about. This Fashionista was wearing a bright red and orange dress, a light green cardigan and brown booties.

The part of her ensemble was her A-line dress. It is a fashion-forward piece and the perfect length for any season. For winter, it can be worn with thick tights and boots, and in spring and summer, it can be worn with some gladiator sandals or booties. A-line dresses are timeless essentials that are universally flattering on everyone and come in a multitude of lengths and necklines. They also work for any occasion, whether it is running errands, a chilly day in Manhattan or going for a night out. A-line dresses are an easy way to create memorable and versatile outfits without breaking the bank.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what feels right! Don’t be afraid of color—it doesn’t bite! Always experiment with different elements. I chose this dress because it was bright and fun, and I also wore these tights, booties and cardigan for comfort and the colder forecast.”