I was lucky enough to spend two weeks of my winter break on the sandy beaches of Hawaii. Honolulu is a lively and fashionable city. Walking the streets of Waikiki reminds me of Chicago but instead of white snow covering the ground there is white sand, and that is much more pleasant. I found this Fashionista looking flawless outside one of my favorite restaurants.

This Fashionista embodies class and simplicity in her very designer ensemble. Her Smythe skirt is a very bold piece, and she could have easily over accessorized, but this Fashionista knows that bold pieces need a chance to speak for themselves. The bright colors work perfectly with the tweed fabric to ensure the skirt has a classy and polished look.

The skirt is nicely complemented by a white tank top, because the plain top allows for the skirt to remain the focal point of the look. This Fashionista’s neutral kate spade purse is also complementary because of its simplicity. The bag adds another splash of class to the look. The purse has intricate detailing on the face, and the extra detailing makes the tote very chic and unique.

The Fashionista finishes her look with simple make-up. She allows her golden skin to naturally shine through and only adds a swipe of very light lipstick. Her effortless curls make this classy look seem effortless.

This Fashionista definitely knows how to properly accessorize a statement piece. Bold colors, cuts and styles are very in this season, but it can be very easy to go a little overboard. It’s important to follow this Fashionista’s lead and add simple accessories to statement pieces. By minimalizing other parts of the look, the statement piece really stands out.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main advice is to only have one statement piece per outfit. Always remember that too much of anything is never a good thing. That being said, don’t be afraid to make bold choices when choosing a statement piece.”