In the heart of winter it becomes easy to blend into the surroundings. Wearing bright colors seems so bold when the sky is a constant overcast gray! However, a colorful statement coat is the perfect way to stand out amongst the blacks, browns and grays of outerwear. All too often, coats are a purchase made more out of necessity rather than fashion. Who says you can’t have both?

This Fashionista proves that a statement coat can elevate just about any look. Her outfit is pulled together by the bright cobalt and subtle structure of her coat. The leather details and metal hardware add a hint of edge, and the asymmetrical zipper is a unique touch. Sometimes statement coats can be intimidating. However, this Fashionista is a great example, proving that wearing one doesn’t have to be complicated. Staple items go a long way when it comes to creating that perfect outfit to complement your new coat.

This Fashionista’s super stretchy jeans make sure that she is comfortable in class all day, but a pair of booties is a great way to dress them up. Finding the right pair of boots can sometimes be tricky, but her low-heeled suede pair are a great basic. This Fashionista’s boots would go just as well with a skater skirt and tights for a dinner outfit, or another pair of jeans and a long sweater for a comfy night with friends. Plus, all those outfits would benefit from adding a fantastic pastel or patterned coat on top.

Moral of the story? Next time you head out to find something to keep you warm in the harsh winter winds, take a look outside the typical black color scheme. Black may be chic, but being daring never goes out of style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When shopping for a statement coat, make sure it fits you well and goes with most of the colors in your wardrobe. I wear a lot of black and gray, so blue was the best option.”