When it comes to pants, I have always treated them as a backdrop to the rest of my outfit. Black leggings and blue jeans are staples in my wardrobe, and it would be a lie to say I don’t wear them almost every day. No matter how much we love those outfit regulars, the script is being flipped, and it’s time to let the pants make do the talking.

When I think statement pants, I think bold, bootcut and patterned jeans of the ‘70s. Although today’s styles are not as far out, the wider leg and bolder patterns still apply. From crazy colors and prints to minimalistic stripes, statement pants are easy for those of all shapes and sizes to pull off. Much like how vertical stripes on shirts lengthen your torso, vertical stripes on pants can elongate your lower half and make you seem taller. On the other hand, polka-dots and bold colors can help accent your amazing legs.

This Fashionista rocks the statement pant look in a clean, minimalistic way while still making a bold statement with her black and white striped bottoms. By keeping the rest of her outfit a monotone black, she lets the stripes pop. The stripes serve double duty by providing visual interest and giving the appearance of elongated legs. Not to mention, the wide leg and light material makes these an incredibly comfortable option for a full day of classes. Finally, her think-heeled black boots keep her hem off the ground (and make it easier to trek in the snow), and her black knit top and coat give a perfect backdrop to let those slacks make their statement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I tell myself every morning, ‘Wear what makes you happy,’ and today, these pants made me happy!”