STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Springtime Overcoats

Light colors, bolder prints and tailored shorts; spring has finally arrived! Well, not quite. Even as friends across the country are starting to embark on tropical vacations to Belize and Miami for Spring Break, most of us here in the northern states are only just now starting to recover from yet another frigid winter. The temperatures are rising, but the weather still isn’t an ideal for button-downs and shorts. The trickiest parts about this time of the year? Creating looks that are versatile enough for those in-between temperatures, and gradually incorporating light colors into your street style as spring approaches.

Menswear today is all about layering with solids and quiet prints (think the Kanye West x adidas Originals fall 2015 collection). In that regard, this Fashionisto brought his fashion A-game to Fordham this week, and to say that I’m obsessed with the sweatshirt-overcoat combination might be an understatement. The overcoat allows for a dressier appearance while the sweatshirt helps him maintain an effortlessly casual look that is ideal for the classroom. If he finds that it’s too warm either outside or inside, all he has to do is shed is the coat and he’ll still have a great outfit that he can work with underneath. While many other students are starting to don lighter colors in their outfits, this Fashionisto shows us that darker solids can be just as appropriate for late March as they are in mid-January. Throw on a beanie or pull your hair bag into a man bun (if your hair length so permits) for an even more urban look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Clean tonal color schemes, and tailored athletic wear.”