I’ve always thought that creating an outfit that makes an impact would be so much easier to do as a Fashionisto. Men’s fashion doesn’t have as many options as women’s does, yet messing it up is something I have witnessed far too often (Basketball shorts and shoes together does NOT make you Lebron—just a slob). I noticed that this Fashionisto was able to create his look by combining unique, sporty pieces for a polished look.

This Fashionisto sported logo-centric pieces; his hat was emblazoned with the signature Patagonia mountains, his polo shirt had the adidas logo on it and his shoes featured the Nike swoosh. His featuring of these brands gives the outfit an athletic feel, yet the printed polo and classic shorts give the outfit street style cred.

This outfit is strengthened by how different these pieces are from one another. The printed shirt is much more urban, while the Vineyard Vines shorts are preppy and the shoes are rather retro. This combination of styles could be awkward, but the accent colors from the top match the color of the shorts and pull the outfit together.

Overall, the polo is easily the most important piece in this ensemble. The unique print looks like it could have been a treasured thrift store find, but a Fashionisto can buy his own here. This Fashionisto shows how a bold, flowery print is definitely something to try this summer, especially with pieces you wouldn’t always put together. The breathable fabric is another must for summer.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “90 percent of style is how your clothes fit.”