Sportswear used to be strictly garments used only for the main occasion of working out and practicing sports. However, now with the fashion blast of women’s athletic apparel, it has become truly easy to be sporty and chic. This Fashionista really inspired me with her style. She decided to go with the elegant sporty look, and she did an amazing job with it.

I really like how she wore a striped dress with neutral pink and blue colors and white sneakers to bring out the “golf” style into the outfit. It is a good idea for days in which you would like to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Also, the monochromatic sneakers are a must-have item in your closet, as they are super trendy and go well with a variety of different looks. To break the sporty feel and bring a more chic aspect into her attire, she wore a beige and pink straw clutch that greatly matched with the color of her dress. It looked very charming and truly stood out.

Accessories have the power to turn your outfit into whatever you would like it to be, so it is always great to invest on them in order to create a more eclectic and stylish outfit. As a finishing touch and to complete the sporty look, she wore a stylish cap that was perfect. What a great match! You can invest in hats to give a more athletic feel to your outfit. Not to mention, they can be lifesavers for a bad hair day.

This Fashionista’s sporty-chic look is a fun, comfortable and fashionable option for your day-to-day activities, especially for the summertime. It is a more carefree, cool style, and it’s easy to recreate with the clothes you have in your wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you want to dress down any kind of outfit (yes even an evening dress) and you know you will be busy walking a lot, I recommend to wear simple white sneakers. They also perfectly match to a colorful polo dress in summer! The cap emphasizes on the sporty street style and can be changed for a bandana or visor as you prefer.”