One thing I love about fashion and style is that it’s always evolving. Trends start simply from a bold Fashionista/o going out and rockin’ an outfit that speaks to their personal style aesthetic. Then, a person admires their ensemble and decides to recreate it, and the rest of the world follows the fashion phenomenon. Style is something that each individual can make their own, personalizing their look. People mix current trends with old trends and, in the process, a brand new trend is born.

An example would be the newly popular sporty-chic look. It’s a mix of athletic and classic. When I visualize this trend, I think of baseball caps, sneakers and textured pieces to elevate the look. The look also calls for sweatshirts, slouchy pants, bright shades and graphic prints. I’d like to personally commend the designer who combined two different looks, the baseball cap with the rich fabric of leather, to create a totally unexpected, cool article of clothing. Nothing is more sporty and chic than a leather hat! This trend is known to be casual and relaxed, yet still fashionable. The idea is to look polished and not sloppy, which entails mixing dressier items with casual pieces.

So how does one recreate this sporty trend? Check out this Fashionista’s ensemble as a guide on how to incorporate athletic wear into your outfit. She sports a black leather hat, my favorite accessory in her look. The hat serves as more than a stylish cap, it also gives her sun protection. Since it’s summer, expect the sun to be beaming down on your face, so why not grab a hat for added protection? This Fashionista also accessorizes with a gold plated necklace, an intriguing evil eye necklace and a leather satchel. She wears a simple, loose black T-shirt dress. I’m not sure about you, but I’m a sucker for comfortable no fuss clothing. For shoes she wears black lace-up heels, which doll up her outfit. The statement making stilettos will definitely turn some heads.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try sporting athletic wear with your look. Nothing beats comfort like a touch of your own personal style!”