Down jackets and parkas are nice, but when you think about it, the peak of winter-resistant apparel has always been Mother Nature’s own invention—fur. When a trend’s style icons are majestic snow leopards and alluring artic foxes, it surely makes it qualified for the Fashionista’s winter wardrobe. What makes furs so alluring? They tap into that innate animal sentiment of vitality, regality and beauty, and that’s in addition to the heavenly coziness they provide.

On the topic of channeling one’s style spirit animal, here is a fuzzy Fashionista willing to lead the pack. This look showcases the cream of what fur has to offer in the way of outerwear and beyond. Fur coats are always chic, but another, subtler way of incorporating some fluff into your wardrobe is through accessories or embellishments. This Fashionista is so enthralled by fur that she sports both! She can do this because the fibers on the coat are shorter and the gray shades more varied, whereas the black fur on the boots is long and glossy. Rather than contend with each other, the two are actually nice complements, and the textural variety actually enhances the outfit.

The coat itself is an amusing mix of posh and charm. The kitty-eared hood animates the ritzy character distinct to fur coats. That whimsical detail was the first thing that blew me away about this Fashionista’s coat, but she delighted me again with this revelation: The only thing real about the jacket is that it is faux real. Although it is completely okay to be a Fashionista who fancies authenticity, I am like the many of you who favor faux. Thankfully, there are plenty of brands that cater to clients who love the look of fur but disdain at donning an animal’s actual pelt. Thanks to critter-friendly companies such as Spirit Hoods (where this Fashionista found her frock), conscious Fashionistas can embrace the furry trend that prowled down catwalks in shows such as DKNY or Ralph Lauren’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear shows.

Whether you want to look like cuddly teddy or a luxurious leopard—or if you just want to be warm—there are plenty of high-quality faux garments out there that let you embrace your wild side. If you’re not ready to don a full-fledged fur coat, there are other ways to incorporate some cozy fluff into your wardrobe. You could keep your feet toasty in some fur-bedecked boots, or top an ensemble off with a fuzzy hat. Some designers have even integrated the furry motif into purses, scarves, muffs and other unexpected accessories. Do yourself a favor and experiment with some unconventional furs, you might just find something that’ll make others bristle with envy.

What Is Your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you think it’s cute, get it! Don’t let what other’s might think deter you from wearing something you like. It may seem eccentric, but odds are people will think it’s really cool, too!”