It is very easy to get caught wearing the same outfit multiple times during the week. Whether one is walking to class or going out on the weekends, some people just get stuck in a rut of similar outfits.

That’s where accessories come into play. If you know me at all, you know that accessories are my favorite part of any outfit. From shoes to jewelry to hats, accessories truly show off your personality more than clothes will. Like this Fashionista, she used her accessories to amp up her rather simple outfit. There is nothing better than a simple white shirt and jeans, but it can get boring pretty quickly. So, this Fashionista spices up her simple clothing with a printed scarf to keep her warm during chilly days. She then adds a vibrant bracelet to add a touch of color to the mostly black and white ensemble. The most unique part of her outfit is on her feet. Her Timberland boots show her willingness to step outside her comfort zone when it comes to accessories, since these boots are not seen just anywhere. To keep her warm walking from class to class, she finalizes the look with a military-style jacket.

Overall, this Fashionista uses her accessories to make a simple white shirt and jeans into something that is all her own and others will have an idea of her personality just by looking at her accessories.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always be yourself. Don’t let others stop you from expressing yourself and stopping you from being who you want to be.”