I never understood how the phrase, “Sorry not sorry” caught on. If someone is truly not sorry for something they did or said, then they shouldn’t have to apologize about it. Simply owning up to your thoughts and actions seems like a much stronger way to make a statement, and I am always so inspired by that confident self-assurance. They say that your wardrobe is a way to say something without actually having to speak, which can be a stylish opportunity to dress up that old “Sorry not sorry” conundrum.

Comfort is certainly one of the best wardrobe choices. Sometimes there can be a misleading idea that if you want to look fashionable, you, inevitably, have to sacrifice your comfort. However, there is no reason why comfort can’t look cute and feminine as well. Shabby-chic is a flirty style that prioritizes comfort without neglecting sophistication.

I spotted this Fashionista in the late afternoon of a perfect summer day, modeling her own trend. T-shirt dresses have monopolized much of this season’s fashion. Shabby met chic in this Fashionista’s dress, as a classic A-line silhouette was slightly distressed by a jagged hem to give it that pleasingly aged and authentic appeal. The uniquely contrasting details in her dress were polished with a thin black and white striped pattern.

To top off her outfit, this Fashionista wore an artistic fedora. The informal and somewhat unconventional look her hat created a subtle vintage quality that balanced out the lightly tattered edges of her dress. By adding a couple decorative bracelets and a pair of casual summer sandals, this Fashionista allowed her ensemble to make the last, rightfully unapologetic statement of comfort.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Learn to love hats. That way, you will never have a bad hair day.”