STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Something Old, Something Blue

Over the past week, it has rained every day in Richmond. This is not uncommon for the VCU campus, in fact, many students refer to the state capital as “Rainy Richmond”. There is no need to worry because our student body is well-equipped with stylish apparel to help combat the rain.

This Fashionisto is staying dry on his lunch break in a forest green windbreaker with a patterned blue button-down shirt, navy chinos and L.L.Bean boots. Hiding under his boots was a pair of yellow, green and red socks. Due to the climate, L.L.Bean boots are a campus trend and easy to wear with shorts or any style of casual pant. The windbreaker is a great item for the summer because it is lightweight and can be used to ward off both wind and light rain. Also worth noting are his dapper, round tortoiseshell glasses which add a vintage vibe and an element of whimsy.

Fall 2015 menswear shows such as Burberry Prorsum, Hermès and Band of Outsiders illustrate the advancement of menswear. These shows have influenced fast fashion companies to offer stylish clothing pieces that also incorporate the latest trends. This means that men, such as this fun Fashionisto, wear more interesting pieces with bright patterns and better fit. This blue floral button-down is a great piece for the spring, summer and fall because of the simple pattern and universal color. Button-down shirts should be a staple piece for any man’s wardrobe They can be worn casually for summer barbecues with chino shorts or with khakis to a date.

Also a new development in menswear is shortening and tightening pants. The intent most likely is for a better fit. However, some labels appear to be shortening the hemlines, leaving a gap to show off patterned socks or make room for boots. This Fashionisto has followed suit by cuffing the bottoms of his pants to leave room for his L.L.Bean boots. His pairing of pieces is a great way keep on-trend by integrating classic pieces with newer items. To add more of a twist to an outfit, buy vintage pieces and modernize them with something trendy.

The new developments in menswear highlight a new trend with consumers, that men are beginning to care more about the way they look. This does not just apply to professional events, but everyday life. Now, like many women, men are donning their best pieces to be admired, even in the worst weather conditions.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “One thing about every outfit that I wear is that I like mixing old with new. My style is really classic, but with a modern twist. For example, I’ll mix classic L.L.Bean boots and chinos with a trendy top with a fun pattern, like my indigo-blue floral button-down from J.Crew. And on top of it all is a funny, vintage pullover from the national Parks Service. The details of any outfit are what makes it interesting and stylish.”