STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Some Color for the Summer

It’s summer—the season of the bluest skies the greenest grass and many other colors that nature offers. With so much color around us, why don’t we throw some color into our outfit?

Adding color into an outfit instantly creates a fun and unique look. As Jenna Lyons once said, “It only takes one colorful item to make a gray day beautiful, or a bland outfit sunny.” Why not reflect the good summer vibes with some color? A brightly colored belt can change the silhouette of your dress and add an exciting pop of color. It only takes one colorful item to brighten up an outfit, but with two bright colors you can instantly exude the positive vibes of summer!

The sky is our limit when it comes to color, however it is important to be cautious with matching the right colors. For example, red-violet and yellow-green are complementary colors that add a nice pop. At the risk of going overboard, try adding a more neutral color with shoes. It is always nice to add a little extra detail with texture like floral crochet knit in these TOMS shoes. These shoes are perfect for the summer because they combine the practicality of the comfortable closed-toe with lightweight and airy details for the warm weather. And of course, tie the detail into the outfit with a fun detailed bracelet. This way the outfit ties together with the rule of thirds forcing the eye around to notice each detail of your outfit. This perfectly creates an aesthetic that encourages people to see each detail of your amazing outfit, from head to toe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A bright and colorful day deserves a bright and colorful outfit. I love to emphasize nature’s colorful beauty through my outfit!”