STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: So Many Hats, Only One Head

Finally, Georgia got a break from the cool weather. I say cool because I know my friends and family from back home would scoff if I said “cold” and “Georgia” in the same sentence.

I found this Fashionista enjoying the weather in her adorable weekend attire. Although there are so many elements that are great about this outfit, I have to talk about the hat. Hats, especially right now, are trending hardcore. I don’t know if hats are a woman’s way of wishing for summer weather or just the idea that spring is quickly approaching. Either way, I am enjoying all of the gorgeous hats around town. For the girls that have a hard time putting together outfits with hats, use this Fashionista’s outfit for some inspiration. Your hat can be a solid color with simple details like this one. The bow on the side is my favorite part. This Fashionista’s outfit is also great inspiration because of the mix of casual and formal elements. She opted for a color-blocked skirt, a striped cut-and-sew and some chunky booties. Add the hat, and this outfit is ready for walking around town, a date during the day or even an interview. In other words, this Fashionista is ready for just about anything.

Looking for a casual outfit to wear with your new fedora? I would suggest a pair of boyfriend jeans, a T-shirt, a slouchy cardigan and a great pair of booties.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Never be afraid of experimenting with different styles of stripes in a single outfit. When paired with simple, solid accessories, it tones it down.”