During summer, besides seeing everyone pull out the dresses and skirts, now everyone pulls out the high-wasted shorts or pants. It has become such a popular trend now that celebrities such as Taylor Swift are rocking the high-waisted trend in a ton of performance looks because they believe that showing less is more. This means that instead of wearing low rise pants with a crop top, she pairs her crop tops with high-waisted pants or shorts, which I personally love about her. She is a setting a great example for all girls out there and shows us different ways to pull off this trend.

When looking back into this trend, it was very ’90s. I saw that performers such as Madonna wore them back in the days. Even in old movies or shows such as Full House, you see D.J. Tanner, the iconic oldest sister, wearing high-waisted shorts and pants and rock them as a true fashion statement. It’s so ’90s, we are dying each time we see someone rock them! But how do you rock the high-waisted look you ask?

Depending on the season, there is a different way to rock the high-waisted look, but this Fashionista I spotted on the street is the perfect example on how to rock the high-waisted shorts look for a summer day. She paired the shorts with a light sweater and a bright bandeau. She accessorized the outfit with some brown flats, jewelry and a hat. Her outfit is a very casual look that can be worn any summer day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I personally love the high-waisted look because I think it helps define one’s waist no matter your body type, with any outfit, which is very hard to do. Now they are such a powerful trend, they come in several different patterns, and colors. So it is something that can complement anyone’s look or style.”